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Shipping Terms & Conditions

Rollin in Dough cannot be held responsible if a package is shipped out with adequate time, but arrives late, is lost or damaged in route. We are unable to give refunds for any shipped package that does not arrive on time.

Once your order leaves our bakery we cannot be held responsible for how the package is handled or for any broken/cracked/melted sweets upon arrival. We package our cookies with care, which includes bubble wrapping for each cookie. 

If an incorrect or partial address is provided and utilized for shipping, we will contact you via email upon the box being returned to sender to obtain a corrected address. Rollin in Dough will cover the cost to re-mail the package with either UPS Ground Saver or USPS Ground Advantage. If the package is undeliverable a second time, or we do not get a reply with an updated shipping address, the order will be forfeited after 2 days. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Due to the made-to-order nature of our product, Rollin in Dough does not accept cancellations less than 14 days from the requested delivery date. (Example: if ordering for June 15th, you have until June 1st to cancel your order)

It is against our policy to give refunds for any shipped package that does not arrive on time or arrives damaged, due to reasons outside of our control. We cannot be held responsible for how your box is handled by USPS, UPS or any other party.

If an order is not picked up timely (within the customer selected pick up window) and the cookies obtains damage from the sun/weather, Rollin in Dough is not responsible for issuing a refund for any potential damage. 

If an order is unable to be picked up or is not picked up, Rollin in Dough is not obligated to refund the customer outside of the 14 day cancellation window.  If an order is not picked up within 2 days of the requested date, the customer forfeits their order.

Cookie Risks

Breakage During Shipping

We photograph all cookie sets the morning they are packaged and laid out for pick up or prepped and mailed (via USPS/UPS/FedEx). We email a photo of the cookies in the condition they are when they leave our doors to each customer using the email address the order was placed under. 

We put lots of love into packaging our cookies and ensuring they are as protected as they can be, however anything that happens once your cookies leave our bakery doors we have no control over. The mailing third party can cause damage to your box and in turn, your cookies within it. Once the cookies are handed off to the mailing party, there is nothing Rollin in Dough can do to avoid any damage and we are not responsible for issuing any refunds due to damage a third party makes. 

Royal Icing, Edible Paint or Marker Bleeding

Factors that attribute to bleeding: 

  • Humidity is the largest, most prevalent factor in royal icing bleeding

  • Time - the more days cookies are left bagged at room temperature (not frozen), the more likely they are to bleed as the days progress 

  • The way the box of cookies is stored overnight or stored in a shipping truck

  • Direct or indirect sunlight and heat

  • Dark royal icing colors (black, navy, maroon, etc) or highly saturated colors (red, royal blue, forrest green, brighter yellow, etc) onto of a lighter color (pastels, white, ivory, etc) significantly increase the chances of the colors bleeding into each other

  • The breathability within the bags/boxes 

Contact us for a list of things we do to deter bleeding in cookies! 

Bleeding in royal icing sugar cookies is actually quite common despite the many things we do to eliminate bleeding which is why our lead times are so important. Our timing for baking, decorating and shipping are all based on the date we are given for completion of the set. We always recommend having the cookies complete and either picked up or delivered, the day of or one day before the event to ensure they are looking their best, because as mentioned above time a large factor with bleeding.

Once bleeding begins, it only progressively gets worse with time, which is why the lead time is so important.

For shipped packages, we always recommend opening the package immediately upon delivery, we do not recommend allowing the cookies to sit in the shipping box until the day of your event.  The lack of breathability can negatively impact bleeding in cookies. 

As stated above, it is against our company policy to do any refunds for custom cookies due to breakage or bleeding. You can see the terms and conditions listed on each product page as well as listed above.

Once the cookies leave our bakery doors, anything that happens to them is unfortunately out of our control and the customer accepts any risks when choosing to place an order, especially a shipped order. 

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